Dog friendly

Once a guest wrote us to ask if we had accepted his dog. We answered him this way:

Dear Sir, I work in hotels for more than ten years. Until today I have never had to run for a drunken dog in the middle of the night. No dog has ever tried to give me a blank check. Never a dog burned blankets, smoking. I never found a towel in the frame in a dog’s suitcase. His dog is welcome. AND IF HE GUARANTEES, YOU CAN COME WITH HIM.

Resort Le Saline Palau is a dog’s friend. They are the first welcome in our structure aware of the fact that they are members of the family in all respects, with their needs, their desires and their expectations. Everything is guaranteed by the important freedom that will be a priority in the private gardens of their villas.

Here We have the rules regulations for our friends.

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