Nuragic Civilization
A rich historical and archaeological heritage tells the story of the Nuragic civilization, one of the most fascinating and mysterious ever existed. These unique megalithic buildings are scattered throughout the island. Among the most suggestive in the surroundings of Palau, there is the Malchittu Temple along the 125 Olbia-Palau road, the Nuraghe of Albucciu, at the entrance to Arzachena, the Tomb of Moru, 100 meters away from the Nuraghe of Albicciu, the Nuraghe of Barrabisa, along the SP 133 road towards the Isola dei Gabbiani, the Tomb of the Giants of Li Mizzani, along the SS 133 road towards Santa Teresa di Gallura, the Nuraghe Luchìa, at the foot of Mount Canu and the Tomb of the giants of Saiacciu, along the SS133 road towards Santa Teresa di Gallura.
Monte Altura Fortress
At the entrance of Porto Rafael is located the beautiful and unique usable fortress of the Sardinian coast, the Fortress of Monte Altura. This fortress, which at the time of its construction (1887-1889) held the title of “Europe’s most beautiful fortress”, can be admired from the houses of Ginestra and Erica and offers a splendid view of the Archipelago of La Maddalena, of Corsica and the Bocche di Bonifacio. Today the Fortress is open to the public who can visit it through guided tours and in its spectacular scenery, cultural events and concerts are organized on summer evenings. The Fortress also houses the interesting permanent exhibition dedicated to the numerous fortresses built at the end of the 18th century in the so-called “fortification period”

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